The Blui meme token is supporting the ReMeLife healthcare ecosystem. Blui, the new cat in town, is going to give those pesky doge and shiba dog tokens a run for their money!



I’ve come from the planet Babazadeh. A rough landing, but it could have been worse. It could have been another Nevada!

My mission? To bring Earth to its senses. To bring equality to your planet. You’ve come a long way over the years, you’re close, yet still so far. Clearly, you need a little help. xx

My first equality based action? Climb the charts, so there’s two dogs, a frog AND a CAT at the top! 

Then, I’ll work with ReMeLife. For, decentralisation is the key driver for social change, blockchain’s the engine of progress, and tokenization’s the fuel that empowers us. 


.COMING SOON:  ‘Two dogs, a frog and a cat !”


We love meme tokens, NFTs and Web3 games. We support those cared for and carers. So naturally, we’re gamifying care. 

BLUI is a true meme Token. But, with real utility. And, with a social impact mission! The team is doxxed, the community platform has already launched (check out and Blui has landed!

As we climb to the top, and join the dogs and frog, we’ll be bringing bags of joy, to our community, our Club members, and to you.



Click here for BLUI’s WHITE PAPER 

Click here for the ReMeLife WHITE PAPER




Smart contract code here

Blockchain explorer contract verification here

SolidGuard Smart Contract audit here


Name:     PLAN BLUI   

Symbol:    PBLUI

Total Supply:    1 Quadrillion PBLUI

Exchange Launch:    Uniswap V2

Initial Distribution:
25.1% of the supply will be allocated to the liquidity pool on Uniswap, for purchasers, members and investors in the BLUI coin.
22.0% will be allocated to Treasury, for Team, CEX and Project use.
52.9% Circulating Supply: held by V1 investors and Team members.

NB. This launch represents a migration from a V1 to a V2 smart contract, and from the original BLUI token to PBLUI. This is undertaken to more properly configure the contract to satisfy the requirements of the demand gained from such as CEX’s and larger investors, that was encountered during the V1 period. It is being undertaken with the support of our community and with the intent of ensuring the longevity of the Blui project and its efficient association with the ReMeLife ecosystem. For further information regarding the migration please see here.


Here is the contract address that you can copy and paste if and when you need it.




Uniswap:  Here

Dextools: Here

CoinMarketCap:  Here

CoinGecko:  Here







We'll be launching meme games, rewards for hodling, lots of content and ways for those who want to get involved to become part of the community, on a rewarded basis

Blui's NFT Collection

Blui's friends from Babazadeh, will bring multiple utility, be tradeable, provide identity verification and establish online trust. The first collection will be minted free for BLUI hodlers.

The Blui & Friends NFT collection on Part of the launch of the Blui meme token on Uniswap




Sign up, get your wallet and start collecting REME tokens. Build your community, earn referral REMEs and support those engaged in care by bringing crypto to those that need it most.

Blui VIP Club

BLUI token holders get VIP Club Membership and privileged access to many benefits, from airdrops to pre-launch discounts, merch to special events.


Hi, I’m Gramps, so named by our community. For at 67 years old, as they put it, I’m ‘the oldest f*!*%%r ever to launch a meme token’. But I’m here to stay.

For, after a life as a geologist, exploring the deserts and jungles of the world, followed by opening a house, techno and trance club in Brixton, I then spent many years building apps for those with cognitive conditions. Now, through the power of blockchain and the crypto community spirit, and with the support of Blui and a brilliant team, we’re turning a dream into reality; to take a utility meme to the top of the charts, and to bring crypto to care.


.‘Aah… just like back in the day.’