The Blui meme token is supporting the ReMeLife healthcare ecosystem. Blui, the new cat in town, is going to give those pesky doge and shiba dog tokens a run for their money!



Frequently asked questions

The world is changing and crypto, CBDC’ s, digital currency, the metaverse, etc., are coming anyway, so you will need to learn the ropes anyway, when it comes to digital wallets, payment transfers, digital money interfaces, etc. So, it makes sense to be ahead of the game. And there are opportunities to be had along the way that others are profiting from, not to mention some fun and means to support those social impact projects that you support, which in our case is carers and those being cared for.

Yes and no. Everything new is difficult. Let’s put it this way, it is easier than getting to know your mobile phone, building an Ikea wardrobe to getting that IV mobile to do what you want. But just like with these examples, you have got to want to do it, for it to quickly become easy. And the good news, is that it then becomes fun, whether buying tokens, memes or NFT’s.

Yes, absolutely. Just as betting on the horses, or the stock market, carry their own level of risk, so does buying a token, meme or otherwise on an exchange. Indeed, meme tokens are highly volatile and should be considered risky. We suggest that you explore the world of memes and take a look at those that have succeeded and those that have failed. And of course, as per our Disclaimer, please do get advice if you are in any doubt as to the purpose and nature of the BLUI token.

Yes and no. Everything new is difficult. Let’s put it this way, it is easier than getting to know your mobile phone, building an Ikea wardrobe to getting that IV mobile to do what you want. But just like with these examples, you have got to want to do it, for it to quickly become easy. And the good news, is that it then becomes fun, whether buying tokens, memes or NFT’s

The team behind Blui is transparent and can be viewed through the ReMeLife websites. We have been working building apps in healthcare for 10 years and have worked with some of the largest care organisations in the UK and have supplied apps to the NHS. We are committed to bringing new tech to healthcare, in a manner that is also optimally financially beneficial to the person cared for and their families. That is our USP. Sharing is Caring is our mantra. #CryptoCares is our hashtag. And of course, you can contact us at any time.

We get asked this a lot, for ReMeLife, which is the world’s first Web3 healthcare platform, has a lot to offer and can seem complicated at first inspection. But just like a car, that has a lot going on under the bonnet, however it’s simple on the outside. And when you’ve learnt to use it, it becomes easy and fun. It’s the same with ReMeLife. For 65% of the world is caring for someone, and they use apps to support their care needs. But they get no financial benefit from the care work they perform with these apps, from the purchases they make online or from the data they generate daily. By using ReMeLife’s apps, Members gain REME tokens for their care actions, for posting in the forum, purchasing products, sharing content with their care circle and for sharing their data. ReMeLife is the world’s first rewards-based healthcare platform. Simple.

Blui has been here a while. He is the avatar that trains carers, in care homes and hospitals, how to use our Remindmecare app for the first time.

He has come a long way to again try to achieve positive change in these turbulent times and his first mission is to help raise funds for us to complete the Phase 2 build and launch of the ReMeLife ecosystem. He has worked with the elderly, with those with Parkinsons, and most recently with school leavers with autism.

His meme token will not only raise funds, but also increase awareness of the earning opportunity that  the ReMeLife ecosystem provides for many. You can learn more on the ReMeLife platform and on the accompanying crypto website here.

Well, that’s hard to answer. Everyone is different. Some are doing so because memes are fun, others for quick profits at the risk of quick losses of course, others since they want to support the growth of ReMeLife, some because they want to try to learn the purchase process of buying a crypto for the first time.  It is for you to decide what the reason for your interest is, and of course, we recommend that you gain advice. There are many good YouTube channels, if you do not know anyone that is into crypto, such as the one that started us on our current journey, which was Coin Bureau.

All you need is…

  • A wallet, and the standard is Metamask.
  • A link to Etherscan, so that you can confirm the nature of the Blui token.
  • Access to an exchange interface to watch the price movement of BLUIs. We use Dextools.
  • You can also get information on the prices of memes, from CoinMarketCap.
  • When you want to sell your crypto you can use an exchange, such as Coinbase.
  • A good place to watch the news regarding the crypto market, such as Coin Bureau, on YouTube.
  • And make sure that you have registered for Membership to ReMeLife, to ensure you can get your REMEs and hold them in your ReMeLife wallet and invite your friends to join your network, before they ask you to join theirs. Click here. And of course, to get regular updates.

That’s it. You are now ready for the races. Enjoy the ride!


That’s impossible to say. Andin fact we are not even allowed to say. For it’s against the FCA regulations to do so. But you will surely by now know that meme tokens are ridiculously volatile so we will be looking at the chart movements every day. Of course, again we are not permitted to give financial advice, but we think it is safe to state that the old maxim of ‘buy low, sell high’ is not financial advice, but just sound common sense.

Why did you migrate?

To be honest, we made mistakes. The BLUI grew incredibly fast, but since we had 0% taxes, we had no funds to combat the many attacks that took place, or to fund further marketing.

We now have a committed community, experienced mods, expert advisers, the support of long-term focused influencers, and a clear runway to both the top of the meme world and to the launch of the ReMeLife presale.

So, to achieve this, we had to create a new smart contract that collects taxes and that is appropriately designed to suit the needs of HNW investors, CEX’s and the impending utility nature of the token.
See video here and Migration Manifesto here.

How is it done?

A snapshot is taken of the investors’ wallet showing their BLUI holdings and their value (based on the value of the Market Cap – MC) at the time that the liquidity pool is closed. and trading stops. Then a new smart contract is launched when everyone is ready, with a new liquidity pool on Uniswap.

What are the implications for the old and new investors (V1)?

Since the new PBLUI token will be launched at a lower market cap and with a smaller lp, this means that their tokens will have lost value. However, their new replacement tokens will enter their wallets at the base launch price of V2 so it is often considered that under such circumstances, that V2 holders will dump when their tokens  when they reach a satisfactory MC. This would not be good for incoming V2 investors.

However, three things will prevent this dump occurring, and which will be in the interests of everyone, both V1 and V2 investors. Firstly, since the start point of the V1 investors holdings are low, they will need to let the price pump significantly before they sell, assuming they want to make a profit. And secondly, the new V2 smart contract has a vesting arrangement built in, so that they cannot sell until a defined MC is reached. Therefore, the potential for growth is protected for all parties.

Thirdly, our community are well aware of the long term potential of Blui, its utility and its association with ReMeLife. Selling at such an early stage is counterintuitive for such holders, who have held for a long time now whilst we have restructured the smart contract so as to be able to build a durable growth focused long term project.

In Summary

We believe we have set up everything to be of optimal benefit to everyone, and that Blui will make meme history, and prove that #CryptoCares. We hope you’ll join us.